Why Pre Engineered Buildings are better option rather than RCC ?

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High strength :

Structural steel is strong in both tension and compression

Use of small size columns :

Steel has a compressive strength of about 15 times greater than RC. Therefore, a steel column can take up only 1/15 of the space a RCC column would take which makes opting Pre Engineered Buildings a better decision.

Longer spans :

Since structural steel is strong in both compression and tension, deflection for long spans is minimal. I beams and castellated beams are economical even up to about 15m

Light weight :

Structural steel is strong and light weight compared to RC and therefore, total building weight is reduced.

Elasticity :

Steel is a stiff material with high modulus of elasticity.

Ductility :

Ductile materials can withstand extensive deformation without failure under high tensile stresses, and hence help to prevent premature failures (i.e. provide early waning with large deflections).


As structural steel is manufactured in the factory, there is uniformity throughout its length. This may not be so for RC which depends on the number of batches and their water cement ratios.

Ease of alterations:

The connections used in structural steel frames allow simple alteration of design (e.g. additions or removal).

Shearing strength:

Resist to failure of the material by sliding action of the adjacent elements under the action of opposite forces (Note: shearing properties of connections made by bolts, rivets and welds must be considered).

Speed of erection:

There are only two trades involved fabrication and erection. Number of operations in the erection process is few due to which Pre Engineered Buildings erect in very less time.

Environmental savings:

Steel is most commonly recycled material in the world, with over 67% of all steel used today coming from recycled material.

Construction variety:

Steel is superior material interms of its consistency, uniformity and predictability. These qualities allow variety of construction steel models.

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